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 Apollo [AP]

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PostSubject: Apollo [AP]   Sun Jul 04, 2010 10:26 am

-General Information-

Name: Apollo
Age: Unknown
Child Of Which God: Leto and Zeus
Type: God





Apollo normally appears as a handsome teenage boy, around seventeen or eighteen, sandy hair, a bright happy smile, and outdoorsy good looks. When Percy meets him for the first time, he is wearing a white sleeveless T-shirt, jeans, and loafers. Percy describes Apollo as looking like Luke without the jagged scar on the cheek. However, he can appear as anyone. While helping Percy on his quest, he shows himself as a homeless man, named "Fred".

He can be the height he wants and also same as hsi weight and all the appearances.

-Other Information-

Likes: Arts, Poems, Bows, Arrows, Musics, and The Sun
Dislikes: Charms of Nymphs, The Occasional Youth, and His conquests number in dozens.



Apollo possesses the conventional Olympian godly attributes of superhuman physical properties, vitality, and functional immortality. He has not aged since reaching adulthood, is immune to harm from conventional means of injury and cannot suffer from any Earthly disease. Should he sustain any non-fatal injury, his metabolism enables him to recuperate at a superhuman rate of speed. Apollo is somewhat stronger than the average Olympian god (Class 30) and can lift about 40 tons optimally.

Apollo also has other magical abilities including the ability to rapidly heal the injuries of other living beings. As the god of the sun he has the ability to radiate great heat and light at will which are comparable to the levels of a small sun. As a prophetic god, he can mentally foresee events in alternate futures and predict outcomes with a certain amount of accuracy. It was through his precognitive powers that he delivered prophecies to his Oracle at Delphi. Apollo can shape-change into other forms including those of persons and animals as well as travel between dimensions such as from Olympus to Earth. He can also cast spells that enable him to send disastrous plagues, inflict curses, or bestow certain powers on others as he did to the Trojan princess Cassandra. Apollo is a master harp player and archer and in his arsenal carries mystical arrows, some of which possess flaming auras at the tip that radiate solar heat and flame.

Rank: God Rank

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Posts : 7
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PostSubject: Re: Apollo [AP]   Mon Jul 05, 2010 4:16 am

BUMP! Very Happy
Anyone? Very Happy
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Percy Jackson

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PostSubject: Re: Apollo [AP]   Mon Jul 05, 2010 10:33 am

Hello please don't bump before the 24 hour break!

I accept this request!
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PostSubject: Re: Apollo [AP]   

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Apollo [AP]
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