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 Luke Ford

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Luke Ford

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PostSubject: Luke Ford   Wed Jun 23, 2010 2:36 am

-General Information-

Name: Luke Ford

Age: 15

Child Of Which God: Hephaestus

Type: Demigod


Picture(Optional): My portrayer is Teddy Geiger

Details: Luke has darkish hair, almost shoulder length, and deep blue eyes. He is usually seen wearing a blue t-shirt and either jeans or tracksuit bottoms. He is about 5’7, and weighs around 9 and a half stone. He enjoyed sport, and is muscly from all his time spent playing sport and at the gym. He is usually smiling, as he is usually in a good mood.

-Other Information-

Personailty: Luke is one of those people who likes everyone, unless you give him a good reason not to. He is competetive when it comes to games or sports, but he isn't a sore loser. He loves to read and play sports. His favourite sports are soccer, basketball and swimming. He likes softball too, but doesn't play it much. He feels slightly out of place at camp, due to the fact that he is from England, and is now on a totally different continent. He loves to make friends and would do anything to keep them safe.

History: Luke has lived in England almost all his life. He was adopted when he was eight years old and the people who adopted him moved to New York when he turned 14. He had always had a weird life. Back at the orphange, he was classed as having an over-active imagination because he kept 'seeing things', although he was adamant that he did see the big man with one eye, or the ladies in the sea waving at him. Because of that last incident, he was kept away from the sea, just to make sure he didn't run into it and drown. However, he was still allowed to go swimming in the local indoor pools, so he is a strong swimmer. When he turned 13, he started attracting more attention from what he now realises were monsters from ancient Greek mythology, something he had always been fascinated with. When he told his adoptive mum, she kept a close eye on him and started teaching him how to fight them off, using a sword made from some weird metal that she called 'celestial bronze'.

Eventually the attacks got so bad that she took him to camp half blood. Luke was shocked when he heard he was a son of one of the gods and even more shocked to find out that his adoptive mum was a 'seeker', a mortal who could see through the mist. She hadn't known he was a half blood when she adopted him, but had had her suspicions.

He got claimed at the age of fourteen by his father, Hephaestus. There were never many Hephaestus kids to begin with, and at the moment, Luke is the only one, because the rest were killed during the war against the Titans. He is the cabin leader, and hopes that someday he will find a sibling.

He has found that since his claiming, he has an exceptional skill in the forge, and has control over fire. Both of these were, to Luke, awesome - he has always loved fire, and been able to control it is a dream come true.

Likes: Forging, reading, playing the guitar, making friends and hanging around with friends
Dislikes: Ares kids, people that are full of themselves, and Hermes kids that steal from him


Powers: Control of fire, unmatched ability in the forge (only Hephaestians are as good as he is), good with most weapons, although not as good as Ares kids, control over volcanoes and lava when near them

Weapons: Luke has a sword named Tyche.

Rank: Hephaestus Cabin Leader
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PostSubject: Re: Luke Ford   Sat Jun 26, 2010 10:48 pm

Well, we don't have a Hepheastus, so you'll have to wait. But Approved.
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Luke Ford
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