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 Laura Arai~

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Laura Arai

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PostSubject: Laura Arai~   Wed Jun 23, 2010 1:10 am

-General Information-

Name: Laura Arai

Age: 15

Child Of Which God: ATHENA!

Type: Demigod



Details: Laura has never been one for fashion, and she never tries to look good. Her typical outfit consists of a gray shirt and a pair of loose fitted jeans. Within her pocket you will always find her trusty mp3 player which isn’t always in mp3 form, if you know what I mean. When Laura chooses to her small mp3 player turns into something a bit bigger, but a lot more dangerous. A dagger named One. Her dark brown hair is remotely short and the top of her head is always covered by a light blue baseball hat which at times conceals her hazel eyes. All across her body you’ll see scars from previous ‘tests’ she’s been forced to take.

-Other Information-

History: Laura was generally a happy child. She lived with her mother and father in San Francisco and grew up there. When she was very young (the mere age of 5) she was given her mp3 player. At the moment Laura didn’t understand why she was given this piece of machinery, but she quickly had her father download lots of music after she had received it. Later that night she was lying awake in bed when all of a screech was let out. Her heart began to race as she jumped out of bed and her hand flew to her mp3 player. She didn’t understand why it did, but she had no time to ask questions. At that moment this leathery creature broke through her window and faced her. It let out another screech that sounded as if the beast was saying ‘test number one’ then it lunged at her. Laura was terrified. She didn’t know what this beast was, but she thought quick and avoided the monster. She looked down at her hand to see if she were still carrying her mp3 player, but she saw that it had been replaced by what looked like a dagger. Her eyes moved from the dagger to the beast and quickly she rushed forward and pushed the dagger deep into the monster’s skin. Her eyes went wide as the creature disinigrated into a yellow powder right before her eyes. From that day on she called her mp3 player One so that she would never forget that fateful night.

Many years passed and many other tests came and passed. She had received many scars from the tests as they became harder and harder. She never told her parents about any of these tests in fear of their thoughts. Finally, the day came in which Laura and her parents were going on vacation to Manhattan, NY. Laura thought this was slightly strange since it was in the middle of the school year, but she didn’t complain. She was having a grand old time in Manhattan until the day before they left. Her parents were taking her down an alley way saying that it was a ‘short cut’. By this time, Laura knew something was up. She didn’t know what, but she knew that she would soon. The alley hit a dead end and her parents turned to look at her. They spoke of how well she had done with all her testing and how they were very proud of her. They said they had just one last test for her. At these words the two lunged towards Laura, transforming into something that she couldn’t recognize. Thoughts raced through her mind as she dodged the two and quickly ripped One out of her pocket. She wanted to scream, but didn’t. She didn’t want to show fear to her former parents.

The battle was epic, but now it was down to Laura and her father. Thinking quickly she jumped up and onto the dumpster in which she had tricked her mother into, then killed her. She stood a top the dumpster and her father charged. Laura’s plan hadn’t included her father slipping on an old skateboard, (She had seen the skateboard but thought her father was too smart to fall for such a simple plan) and slamming head first into the dumpster. She was nearly shaken off, but she held until the right moment. When that moment came she jumped off the large trash can and drove her dagger into his neck. He didn’t die instantly; he whispered the words ‘You’ve passed’ before disinigrating.

Confused, Laura fled from the alley. She lived by herself on the streets for a long time, fighting off more and more monsters. She didn’t know when to expect them like when she had the test. They would attack wherever and whenever they wanted. It was hard, especially when she was forced to steal to survive. Most of the time she ended up running from the cops because a shopkeeper had caught her. She was alone in the world.

Apparently Laura had been moving away from New York all the while and had made her way to Long Island. Currently she's been at Camp for a year. Although she hasn't been at camp the longest, everyone seems to know about her 10 years experience.

Likes: Writing, Reading, Drawing ect

Dislikes: Mean people >=D


Powers: Athena's Blessing (If you're not sure about this I'll tell you I've had this power accepted on multiple sites, but if it's still a no then just disregard this), Super smart, Able to see her oponents move before it happens, ect

Weapons: One, her dagger

Rank: Athenian Cabin Leader~

Thanks Muchly! ^-^
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PostSubject: Re: Laura Arai~   Sat Jun 26, 2010 10:45 pm

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Laura Arai~
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